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Portable Washing Machine Head

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The washing machine head is suitable for washing T-shirts, shirts, dresses, underwear, socks, etc. (But it is not suitable for jeans, coats and other thick clothes.) Ultrasonic turbine technology is used to form small bubbles and stains, which are quickly dispersed and emulsified to achieve a deep cleaning effect.
The head is small and compact, easy to carry, and save space.



The picture mainly shows how to use the product, not the real product picture, the product is subject to the actual product.

Simple operation: the machine head has a powerful suction cup, which can be easily absorbed in any bucket, fill the bucket with water, and turn on the switch to automatically start cleaning.
Energy-saving and environmental protection, saving water and electricity, it has a powerful suction cup, so there is no need to worry about shaking.

Design: It has a fully automatic cleaning function that makes your clothes super clean without residue and irritants. Suitable for those who can't use large machines, others like washing things alone or saving time to avoid going to the laundry.

Easy to carry: The mini washing machine is ideal for washing light clothes that need to be cleaned separately, such as ties, T-shirts, underwear, and baby clothes.
Suitable for dormitory, apartment, business trip, travel, and other occasions.


1. Washing bucket (self-provided)
2. Double-sided magic suction cup (standard)
3. Suction cup one-side suction washer
4. The suction cup on the other side presses the sidewall of the bucket to fix the washing machine
5. Soak light clothing with the appropriate amount of water
6. Pour the appropriate amount of laundry detergent
7. Press through the washing machine power (connect DC5V 1-2A adapter)
8. Start washing clothes

9. Matters needing attention after washing/unplugging:

  • Do not touch the blades of the turbine rotating at high speed when the turbo laundry is rotating to avoid accidents.
  • Please install the washing machine under the horizontal surface to reduce its water resistance, the working effect will be better.
  • A double-sided magic suction cup is installed on the wall of the main unit and the barrel. After applying water, press it firmly, the posted strength will be better.
  • After washing, unplug the power first and then touch the water, clothes, washing machine, and pour water for safety.
  • Do not use the power strip to prevent the USB cable from getting entangled in the clothes and draining into the bucket.
  • Front and reverse cleaning operation of the turbine for 4 minutes, high-frequency vibration cavitation cleaning operation for 1 minute, repeated cycle operation, and the washing machine shut down for 30 minutes.



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